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About the Tasks category [Tasks] (1)
Make sure that the profiles docker container starts correctly after a reboot [Planned] (1)
Update Drone [Planned] (1)
Upgrading the FreeIPA Server to Fedora 29 [In Progress] (1)
G Drive mounting script [Planned] (10)
Self-service password resets [Requests] (2)
The forums' TLS certificate expired! [Completed] (3)
Freeside Flyers/Buisness cards [In Progress] (3)
Sudo not working on fs-web02 [Completed] (3)
Install & configure SSHGuard via Fabric [Completed] (7)
Fabric Web UI [Requests] (6)
Update to Fedora 28 [Completed] (5)
Replace texlive package [Requests] (1)
Cleanup /home on fs-web02 [Completed] (3)
Deploy rancher for managing docker containers on docker.freeside.co.uk [On Hold] (2)
Auto rebuild wiki [Completed] (3)
Backup/Static copy of Forum Wiki Pages [Completed] (3)
Privacy Policy? [Planned] (1)
Freeside canvas Notice [Planned] (4)
Switch to a different blog platform? [Completed] (7)
Set up disk quotas [Planned] (1)
Hide all the passwords [Planned] (1)
Registration: Include people's default usernam & password in a welcome email [Completed] (5)
Making 'Register for a Freeside Account here!' banner dismissable [Completed] (5)
Network Diagram [Planned] (1)
Migrate web server [Completed] (4)
Dconfs settings [Completed] (3)
Setup CI Server [Completed] (4)
Deploy policies.json for Firefox [Completed] (7)
Status monitoring [Requests] (1)