About the Freeside category

Anything to do with Freeside itself. The computers and machines in Freeside, documentation on how the system is put together for future members, meetups and events - all are welcome!

The main things this category is used for are the following:

  • Documentation: Posts that document the way an element of the Freeside systems function and are setup. Please tag them with the Wiki subcategory!
  • Bug reports: Detailed reports of things that aren’t working the way they should.
  • Tasks: These should be tagged with the Tasks subcategory, and should be about things that need doing. Useful for helping keep track of who’s doing what.
  • Feature Requests: Requests for enhancements to Freeside. Requests for the installation of software should be made against the Fabric GitHub repository.

If something is about Linux, but not specifically about Freeside, then the Linux category might be a better place for it.