Automatically post new emailsto #admin-area on Discord

It would really help if we could post new messages sent to to #admin-area on Discord.

Unfortunately, IFTTT doesn’t seem to like us very much, as it keeps specifying an old email address if we try to create an app (despite the fact that we’ve since updated our email address) - and there’s no way to change it.

However, alternative to IFTTT do exist. For example, Beehive looks promising.

What do people think? I’ll go ahead and set it up once I’ve got some opinions on it.

Looks like we might need to write a bot.


I was thinking maybe a webhook might work for this?

I look forward to working on it,


Sounds great! Awesome - it’d be great if you could put something together.

I’ll investigate further tomorrow and get back to you. HullCSS are interested in using the tool as well so it might be a standalone project on my GitHub as an open source project.


Nice! You can always do it on the official Freeside GitHub too.

That reminds me, I never sent you an invite to FreesideHull on GitHub. What’s your GitHub username please?

Ninja Edit: Also, what’s your Facebook username please (if you have one)? I can grant you admin rights over the Facebook group too