Basic Linux Introductory Workshop [idea]

A basic 1-3 hour workshop has been proposed by @Sam from HullCSS in Discord to introduce students to Linux. This post serves to consolidate the ideas from the discussion there.

Here’s the general todo list:

  1. Find a speaker
  2. Figure out precisely what’s going to be accomplished
  3. Figure out the format of the workshop
  4. Find & book the venue (maybe a lab?), probably with @einsteinagogo’s help
  5. Advertise the event and get an idea as to numbers - possibly through eventbrite or

@einsteinagogo has also offered virtual machines for use during the workshop.


Hello all!

Many thanks for the warm welcome to Freeside - appreciated!

I’m Sam Hutchinson, and I’m the Outreach Officer for Hull University Computer Science Society (hullCSS). We look forward to collaborating with Freeside to provide a wholesome and expansive student experience for those interested in Linux!

Nothing has been set in stone just yet, so while preparation for the workshop is in it’s (very!) early stages I’d be delighted to hear any and all ideas from the community.

Sam Hutchinson