Einsteinagogo's introduction

Hi Peeps

I’m Andy Hancock, and I’m a Computer Science Staff Member, based in Room 329, Robert Blackburn Building in the Systems Team, any issues please come and see me - my job title - Head of Virtual Services!

I have many interests and hobbies, from VMware Evangelist, Experts Exchange Volunteer, Blogging, Beekeeping, Organic Gardening, Breeding Tropical Fish, Drone Flying, and General all round computer nerd/geek from the 70s/80s!

and score quite highly on the Geek Test!

If you want some old twoddle from the 80/90/00s - I’ve probably got it…

All the best


Welcome to the forum Andy!

Never would have guessed you also do Beekeeping and Garderning :smiley:

Just how high did you score, Maybe we should make a new thread and compare how big of geeks we all are :slight_smile:

Geek God! 72%

I only got 22% (Geek)

ah, I think age has the advantage…or just Geekness!