Fabric Web UI

This will allow users to easily deploy fabric tasks via a web ui which gives the advantage of the system being idiot proof and logs everything!

Something like this looks good but would be nice if we could implement a login system to keep it secure so maybe forking it to add ldap via a django plugin?

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I wonder if Nginx basic authentication has LDAP support?

It’s definetly possible but i would prefer an application level solution for the purpose of logging what users do so we can point the finger if something goes wrong…

After futher inspection the Fabric Bolt project does have auth system. So modifying it to support ldap should be a piece of cake.

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Moved to requests, with the addition of the new update for fabric all existing solutions will no longer work. I might be working on a simple webgui for fabric for personal use but Freeside is welcome to use it. :slight_smile: