Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Freeside?

Todo: Find out what Freeside is

Q: Why Fedora? I like X Distro better.

A: Fedora was choosen for it’s easy for use, and tight intergration with FreeIPA. It’s backed by redhat which makes it ideal for a enterprise enviroment and is regulary updated.

Q: I changed my username on the forums, and now I can’t login!

A: If you change your username on the forums, it only changes your display name. When you login, you need to use the original username given to you during the registration process.

Q: I can’t login after my password has been reset!

A: When a Freeside admin resets your password for you, you’ll need to make sure you login to the PCs in our lab first, as they will ask you to change your password again from the temporary password assigned to you by the Freeside admin.