Freshers Induction events 2020

David Parker has got in touch asking whether Freeside will be doing any freshers induction events in September / October this year (2020).

Discussions have been had on Discord, and we came up with the following ideas:

  • Event livestreamed on YouTube
  • @Epictek: Keep it simple
    • Introduce people in to Freeside
    • Presentation explaining the current infrastructure
  • Perhaps talk about the services Freeside provides
  • And the very basics of Linux
  • Have some pre-prepared VMs for different distros, so we can quickly switch between them
  • Also have Discord open with voice & screen sharing to allow other Freesiders to join in via voice in the livestream

This post will act as a longer-term reference to allow us to track this moving forwards.

Software which is familiar to someone who has never used Linux before should be showcased. Things like Chrome, anything where someone doesn’t feel like they have a huge learning curve to look at linux. Most don’t want extra work, especially at the start of the uni course. They want fun and simple.

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