My first contribution as a new Freeside admin is setting up https://portainer.freeside.co.uk
You can read more about portainer here: https://www.portainer.io/overview/

We will be using portainer to manage the Docker containers rather than using raw Docker and using the cli to manage everything.

I have also manually renewed all the LetsEncrypt SSL certificates for all subdomains as I am adding a new cert for the new subdomain.


Update (28/08/19 19:46):

Work is now complete.

Nice work, @Corey!

Yeah, we have had some Let’s Encrypt issues in the past. For some reason the cron job that calls letsencrypt renew isn’t always working.


I’m gonna look into fixing the cron or finding some other way of automating it. The certs weren’t far off expiring :stuck_out_tongue:

Ah not again! I thought I’d fixed that one. I’ve had several attempts actually. The frustrating thing is that it always works in a terminal, but never in the cronjob…

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