Share your desktop!

Just a thread so we can admire each others desktops or just share our workflow. All desktops are welcome.

An old screenshot of my desktop but not much has changed but I do need to fix things for my larger monitor. Sadly don’t have chance to work on my rice because Uni has taken over. The flashing is due to a rendering glitch with FFMPEG, my windows don’t flash like that usually.

Static image:

Here’s what my travel laptop currently looks like. It’s running Artix Linux - to which I did a blind migration from Manjaro OpenRC. The desktop environment is XFCE. I like the flexibility it provides a lot, but I’d like to experiment with some virtual machines before I decide on a desktop environment for any future machines.


On mobile so here’s my MOTD.
It’s Ubuntu server on scaleway.

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Nice, What ssh client is that?

ConnectBot on Android

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Reviving this thread with my boring desktop :stuck_out_tongue:

After a few years of running Xfce without changing a single setting I decided to install a theme (think I should pick a larger wallpaper too…).

(continuing from the last post since it only lets me attach one image :frowning:)

Normally I just make one big editor window and use its built-in frame/tab/whatever functionality.

Nice! I use XFCE on one of my devices too. It’s pretty lightweight and responsive! I didn’t know that you could theme it though.

You could also try putting your wallpaper through this upscaling algorithm.