Upgrading the FreeIPA Server to Fedora 29

Upgrading the FreeIPA server to Fedora 29 was not as straight-forward as upgrading the other servers. This post documents what I did in order to achieve this - and because I suspect that the same issue wil occur when upgrading to Fedora 30.

The main issue was that FreeIPA wasn’t upgraded to support Fedora 29. Thankfully, a copr repo (like Ubuntu’s PPAs) solved this issue:

sudo dnf config-manager --add-repo='https://copr.fedorainfracloud.org/coprs/g/freeipa/freeipa-4-7/repo/fedora-29/group_freeipa-freeipa-4-7-fedora-29.repo'
sudo dnf copr enable  @freeipa/freeipa-4-7
sudo dnf upgrade --refresh

…once done, a regular system upgrade to Fedora 29 should be a breeze.

More information about copr repos can be found here.

This has been done next, we need to upgrade it to Fedora 30.

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